Upon the recommendations of the CDC we are taking precautions and limiting any contact with our clients during these dangerous times. We plan to continue working through this pandemic but are adopting procedures to communicate with our clients without making physical contact.

The IRS has recommended that we can utilize extensions to file our returns until such time that we are able to meet with our clients.

The alternative is for you to send your documents via internet:

In order to receive documents from our clients we are utilizing the following methods.

1. Using our secure online portal at
------- I can send you an invitation to join the portal and once you set up your account you can upload your documents to the portal

2. Using secure email…
------- You can sign up for free at and you can send us all your documents to

3. You can fax your documents to 732-709-7399

Once we receive your documents we will work on your return and forward your documents back via the online portal or we can email it to you via We are able to obtain your signature via an online app called

Payment can be handled as a electronic withdrawal from your account using your routing number and account number in order to charge our fee via our secure online portal

If we have any questions regarding the preparation of your return we will contact you via telephone or we can arrange a virtual meeting via (you can setup a free account with zoom in anticipation of an virtual meeting, The app is available for any smart phones or computer)

Please make sure we have your correct email and phone number to make sure that we are able to follow up with your return